Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Improvment on meassured variables

New way of meassure

By measuring the best known variables, applied bias voltage U, electric current I and the known series resistor with resistance Rs. The unknown variables of the sample, potential drop Up, sample resistance Rs, power in sample Pp was calculated with lesser noise.
$latex U_s=IR_s$
$latex U_p=U-U_s$
$latex R_p=\frac{U}{I}-R_s$
$latex P_p=UI-I^2R_s$
I have remade the plots with this new approach and it clearly shows much better noise-ratio than before. The calulations before were made by using the noisy-value of the measured potential drop over sample.

The sintering image folder at flicker shows you the other plots that were remade.

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