Thursday, August 20, 2009

Regarding cloud solutions...

Because I like using technology based on the cloud-concept, i.e keeping everything on the Internet. I am moving more and more into this approach of working and at this stage I have found some small features on the Internet that is really great and I want to tell you about my top two, besides google of course:

Dropbox, an online cloud storage witch synch with your own drive. It's extremely easy to install and get up working. You get a free account of 2 Gb, with payment option for those of you who needs larger storage space. Use the link above to get an extra 250 Mb space. Dropbox is available for both Mac and PC and of course directly by the web. One smart thing with Dropbox is that during synch it only updates the changes made to a file not the hole file and this is done on a bit-wise level, great those times when you are sitting on low bandwidth.

pixlr photo editing services
As the name says, this gives you access to online editing of images for free. Great for those times when you are not using your default computer and don't have access to Gimp software or others. Pixlr comes in two versions express and editor were the former is a quick change interface for those basic things you want to do with images, changing brightness/contrast etc. The editor version gives more advanced editing options for your images.

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  1. I found two other tools: , cloud storage that works better than dropbox in some aspects that you don't have to synch the hole drive. a todo list web2.0 tool